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ILERA HRM Study Group - Meetings and Call for Papers The study group intends to meet at all ILERA World congresses and as many regional and national congresses as possible (http://www.ilo.org/ilera). The study group meetings are in a seminar format and organised around a topical theme.   Future meetings 2015: "17th ILERA World Congress, Cape Town, South Africa, 7-11 September 2015" (Call for Papers: Coming soon!). Past meetings 2013: "HRM and the Global Financial Crisis", 10th European Regional Congress of ILERA in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 20 June - 22 June 2013 (Download: Call for Papers). 2012: "HRM and (Social) Innovation", 16th World Congress of ILERA in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA in 2012, Philadelphia, USA, 2 July - 5 July 2012 (Download: Call for Papers). 2010: "HRM in Turbulent Times", 9th European Regional IIRA Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark, 30 June-1 July 2010 (Download: Call for Papers). 2009: "Ethics, Social Responsibility, and International HRM", 15th IIRA World Congress, Sydney, Australia, 24-28 August 2009 (Download: Call for Papers, Schedule). 2008: "Sustainable HRM in the Global Economy", Turku School of Economics, Turku, Finland, 27-29 August 2008 (Download: Call for Papers, Schedule). 2007: "Fairness and Human Resource Management", 8th European Regional IIRA Congress, Manchester, UK, 3-8 September 2007 (Download: Call for Papers, Schedule). 2006: "Labour Unbound – Comparative Perspectives on the Implications for HRM of Boundaryless Organizations and Careers", 14th IIRA World Congress, Lima, Peru, 11-14 September 2006 (Download: Call for Papers, Schedule). 2004: "The impact of HRM on organisational and employee performance", 7th IIRA European Regional Congress, Lisbon, Portugal, 11 September 2004 (Download: Call for Papers, Schedule).
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